1. Drive on waterfront only.

You have over 19km of beach driving to enjoy.  For dune driving fun, go to the dune driving area (recreational vehicle area) south of the Lavis Lane 4WD entry.

2. Dogs are only allowed in the 3km dog walking area, located at the Birubi end of the park.

Please keep your dog on a lead and under control at all times. You cannot enter/exit with a dog via Lavis Lane (Williamtown) or Fern Bay, or have a dog outside the dog area, including in a vehicle.

3. For everyone’s safety, you can’t drive or park on the beach at Birubi Point, left of Anna Bay 4WD entry.

This area is popular with dog walkers, families with small children and people swimming at Birubi beach. Driving or parking vehicles in this busy pedestrian area is a safety risk.

We hope you have an enjoyable visit!