Can I bring my dog?

Yes. Dogs on a lead are permitted in the 3km designated dog walking area.  Dogs are not allowed in any other area of the park.

  • Dogs must be on a leash and kept under control at all times.
  • Bring you own bag to clean up your dog poop, and take it out of the park with you.  Please do your bit to help keep this area clean and pleasant for everyone.

How do I get to dog walking area?

  • Walk along Birubi Beach until you see the Worimi park sign.  The dog walking area runs for 3km along the beach from the sign.
  • Drive to the dog walking area via the Gan Gan 4WD entry at Anna Bay.  Follow the Gan Gan 4WD entry track and turn right when you reach the beach. The dog walking area starts here and runs for 3km along the beach.

Why are dogs only allowed in the dog walking area?

Uncontrolled dogs chase and scare off shorebirds including the threatened little terns and pied oystercatchers, which nest in the park.  Uncontrolled dogs are also a safety risk and a nuisance to other park visitors.

Things to remember:

  • Dogs are not permitted in any location outside the provided dog walking area.  This includes in cars travelling on the beachfront or in the recreational vehicle area.
  • The Gan Gan 4WD entry (Anna Bay) is the only place you can enter the park with a dog in your vehicle.
  • Vehicles with dogs are not permitted to enter via Lavis Lane at Williamtown or Fern Bay.