A unique opportunity


A unique opportunity

Beach and dune driving is one of the most popular activities for visitors to the Worimi Conservation Lands – more than 22km of Stockton beach front, and 350 hectares of dunes in the recreational vehicle area (RVA) are open for four-wheel-driving. The RVA provides an area where, in addition to road-registered four-wheel drives and motorbikes, vehicles with ‘conditional registration’ for Stockton Beach can be ridden. The WCL RVA is currently the only RVA on publicly managed land in NSW.

The RVA covers a total of 430 hectares including the majority of the beach, swale and dune area between Fern Bay and Lavis Lane access. Much of this area had been heavily disturbed by sand mining for heavy minerals prior to the creation of the WCL.

Registration and permits


Have you got the right permit?

Conditional registration for Stockton Beach is available only to vehicles that meet specific criteria. The majority of conditionally registered vehicles used on WCL are quad bikes, also known as all-terrain vehicles and, to a lesser extent, trail bikes. Dune buggies and other similar styles of off-road vehicles cannot be conditionally registered and are not permitted. Conditionally registered vehicles can only be ridden during daylight hours.

Conditional registration for Stockton Beach is only available from the NSW Roads and Maritime Services.

Once your vehicle has conditional registration, you’ll need a WCL recreational vehicle (RV) permit to ride it in the RVA – you’ll find details of where to purchase your permit here.