Enjoy your visit to Worimi Conservation Lands

Here’s a quick checklist to help ensure your visit to the Worimi Conservation Lands is both enjoyable and safe

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    Enjoy your day on the park

    Worimi cultural sites are all through the park – please respect fencing and signage that protects known sites and only drive in designated areas

  • Beach driving is different to road driving – please ensure you’re well equipped for beach driving
  • Tides mean conditions can change quickly on Stockton Beach – please ensure you are aware of tide and current beach conditions before you leave
  • If you’re driving on to the park you’ll need a beach vehicle permit
  • Recreational vehicles used in the recreational vehicle area (RVA) need conditional registration
  • Dogs are permitted in the park on a 3-kilometre section of the beach south of Birubi Headland
  • There are currently no public toilets, water or waste facilities on the park – please ensure you bring water with you and take your waste with you when you leave
  • Camping is not permitted on the park
  • If you get stuck in the sand you will need to call Fenwicks Towing Service on 02 4941 400