Worimi Conservation Lands Board of Management

The Worimi Conservation Lands are jointly managed by the Aboriginal Traditional Owners, the Worimi people, and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service through a board of management established under the National Parks and Wildlife Act. The board has a number of important responsibilities, including:

  • the care, control and management of the lands
  • the preparation of a plan of management for the lands
  • considering proposals for the carrying out of cultural activities by Aboriginal people on the lands.

The 13-member WCL Board of Management represents the interests of Worimi Traditional Owners, Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council, Port Stephens Council, neighbouring land owners, conservation interests and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The current board of management and deputy members are:

Aboriginal owners: Len Anderson (Fiona Manton – Deputy); Lorraine Lilley (Marlene Kong – Deputy); Bev Manton (Jason Manton – Deputy); Petrice Manton (Chair)(Joanne Simms – Deputy); Val Merrick (Neville Lilley – Deputy); Jamie Tarrant (Deputy Chair)(Grace Kinsella – Deputy); John Ridgeway (Justin Ridgeway – Deputy); vacant (Kevin Manton – Deputy Acting as Board).

Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council: Andrew Smith (Leigh Ridgeway – Deputy); NPWS: Kylie Yeend (Adam Faulkner – Deputy)  Port Stephens Council:  Cr. Sally Dover (Cr. Peter Kafer (Deputy); Neighbouring landholder: Robert Turton (Chris Cracroft-Wilson -Deputy); Conservation interests: Louise Duff (Charlotte McCabe – Deputy).


Petrice Manton


Jamie Tarrant


Andrew Smith


Bev Manton









Leonard Anderson


Lorraine Lilley


Val Merrick


John Ridgeway








Cr Sally Dover


Robert Quirk