Introducing sustainable camping

The Worimi Conservation Lands Board of Management is working with stakeholders, Aboriginal owner board members and NPWS to introduce sustainable camping to the Aboriginal-owned Worimi Conservation Lands. While the unique experience of camping on the sand on Worimi Conservation Lands (Stockton Beach) is not yet available, the following information answers some basic questions about what will happen with camping. We’ll update you as more information becomes available.

Can I camp at Stockton Beach/WCL?   No, not yet.   There is currently no camping allowed anywhere at the WCL – penalties apply.

Are we going to be able to camp on Stockton Beach again? Yes, but camping will be very different to how it was in the past.

When will we be able to camp?  An opening date for camping has not been finalised.  There is still considerable work to do to prepare for camping.  

Why is it taking so long to get camping back on WCL? Previous camping had a devastating impact on the park. If we want camping to continue we need to get it right, and this takes time.

Where will we be able to camp? The trial camping area will be established behind the beachfront south of Lavis Lane. Once established, camping will only be permitted at designated sites in this area. Camping anywhere else on Worimi Conservation Lands will not be permitted.

How many campsites will there be? It is anticipated there will be 15 campsites available for booking in the trial camping area.

Will I have to pay to camp? Yes, camping fees will be charged. You will also have to book a site to be able to camp. There will be an online booking system on the WCL website.

Can I camp in or next to my car while I’m night fishing?  No. Camping is currently not allowed anywhere at the WCL – penalties apply. The only place you will be permitted to camp on Worimi Conservation Lands will be in a site you have booked in the designated trial camping area. Penalties will apply for camping anywhere else.

Will I be able to have my dog in the camping area? No. The only area on Worimi Conservation Lands where dogs are permitted is the leashed dog-walking area in the north of the park.

Will I be able to camp with my quad bike? Yes, there will be some sites available for camping with quad bikes.

Will you close down camping again in the future? Previous camping had a devastating impact on the park. We’re trialing camping and doing what we can to try and make it sustainable. If it ends up not being sustainable, it won’t continue.

How will I know when camping is available? The best place to get the latest information about Worimi Conservation Lands is on our website where you can subscribe to receive the latest news about camping as it’s posted. For more information call 02 4984 8200.

Can I find out more? Yes – on the Worimi Conservation Lands website. The website has information on how the Worimi Conservation Lands board has been working with Aboriginal owner board members, stakeholders and NPWS to prepare for camping. Also, the plan of management contains detailed information on the issues and impacts on the WCL from camping, and directions about how camping must be managed.