Can I camp at Stockton Beach in the Worimi Conservation Lands?
  • No, camping is not currently permitted in the Wormi Conservation Lands.
If I sleep in my car or swag while night fishing, is that regarded as camping?
  • Yes, sleeping in your swag, or in or next to your car is camping. Penalties apply.
Why can’t I camp at Stockton Beach in Wormi Conservation Lands?
  • The previous unregulated camping on the WCL had an enormous impact on cultural sites, the natural environment and the safety of campers.
  • Camping will not be permitted on the WCL until it can be managed in a safe and sustainable way.
Are we ever going to be able to camp here again?
  • Yes, the WCL Board of Management are preparing to trial a sustainable camping area at Stockton Beach in the WCL – but the future camping has to be very different from before.

Introducing safe and sustainable camping

The Worimi Conservation Lands Plan of Management supports the introduction of safe and sustainable camping at up to 30 designated campsites.

Introducing safe and sustainable camping on the park is not something the board is prepared to rush. Damage from major storms in June 2012 and April 2015 was worsened by damage already done to the frontal dune by previous camping and 4WD access. Previous campsites and future potential sites were inundated by storm surges breaking through these damaged areas of the frontal dune. We need to find a suitable location for camping where the frontal dune and cultural sites are protected, and where we can be certain that campers are safe. That will take time.

Read the latest update on camping here.

The WCL Sustainable Camping Project

With the plan of management now in place WCL board has formed a group of stakeholders, Aboriginal owner board members and NPWS staff who are working together to come up with options for introducing sustainable camping to WCL. The stakeholder groups includes representatives from:

  • NSW & ACT 4WD Association

    Camping stakeholder group members on a field inspection to assess potential sites for the introduction of sustainable camping to Worimi Conservation Lands

  • Unlock Australia
  • Tin City Heritage & Conservation Society
  • RVA Social Group
  • Newcastle District Anglers Association
  • National Parks Association
  • Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • WCL Board of Management Aboriginal Owners
  • NPWS WCL staff

The group held its first meeting in April 2016 and will continue to meet through to July 2016 to consider all of the possibilities and constraints of establishing sand-based camping at WCL. Summaries of each meeting will be posted on this page: